Independent Mother – What we do

Independent Mother is an organisation that was started in response to an overwhelming need for support and empowerment of Mothers who were parenting alone.
The stigma and negative connotations that had suppressed millions of mothers worldwide needed to be challenged in order to liberate and remind them how incredible they are.

In order for these Mothers to feel socially, financially and mentally confident and liberated there are many areas in which they require support. Independent Mother aims to explore these and offer solutions.

Independent Mother is an evolving social enterprise which started online but quickly moved onto developing ways to support Single Mothers in person too. With the unpredictable circumstances that 2020 delivered us, we are constantly adapting to find the most effective methods in order to provide the resources needed by so many.
Social media platforms have made a hugely positive impact for creating and maintaining networks but more needs to be done if we are to see an end to the stigma alongside the social and economic deprivation felt by so many.