Nurture Collective is a curated online store for ethical baby and children’s clothing accessories and gifts aged 0-12years.

We have created a sustainable visual guide to make it easier to shop with your values in mind. We’re on a mission to make it easier for parents to shop more consciously for their kids!

Miriam’s story:

Shortly after the birth of my daughter Yasmin, I had this strong nurturing instinct to protect her and to not let anything unnatural come in to contact with her… It all started with her baby products and quickly led to me looking into her clothing. It was after looking into organic and ethical clothing that I found it a minefield with some brands specialising in organic and others focusing on sustainably but all having the underlying moral theme. It then struck me that as a parent wouldn’t it be great if you could bring all these ethical clothing brands into one place, so Nuture Collective was born! @ethical_baby

Nuture Collective can be found here @ethical_baby and Miriam will be showcasing her products at the event on Thursday as looking

forward to meeting her!

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