Just over a year ago Marianna was as she says “a mama with a bike and a dream” Fed up with being pestered for rubbish filled treats, she wanted to “create indulgent chocolates to bribe my children with, guilt free”.

Through tireless practice, exploration and research Marianna and her new business partner are at the factory testing phase and closer than ever to launching what she describes as “the holy grail of the ultimate tasty and health conscious treat for everyone.”

Somehow this wonderful woman has managed to removed the negative impacts of sugar without compromising on taste or the emotional fulfilment of a chocolatey treat.

Hullabaloo family-friendly chocolate bars are made with 80% less sugar than the average for treat-time highs without the sugar lows. I am so in awe of her determination to bring this idea into fruition and can’t wait to sample these tasty treats at the Independent Mother Events soon!

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