Anna founded her company Imagine Drama to create inspired creativity in young children through her workshops and children’s parties. We are planning on having her and her wonderful business at a kids friendly school holiday event soon!

Anna’s story:

I’m a qualified Drama teacher. I gained a BA in Drama and Theatre Arts with English and have worked as a secondary Drama teacher for 12 years. I am also a single mummy to 2 beautiful children. When my son began to show signs of creativity and imaginative play, I started to look for Drama classes to take him to. Many of the classes i took him to focused on singing rather than creativity and I began to play more imaginatively with him at home. We would read stories and act them out and play simple drama games. This is when Imagine Drama was dreamt up.

Every time I plan a class, i use the EYFS to structure learning and try to build classes focusing on what the imagineers will enjoy. The lessons are not as structured as some toddler classes as the children lead the activities using their imaginations which is challenging and fun for me as a drama practitioner. Often we go off on an amazing journey, the mind of a toddler is fascinating!

Drama is such a valuable tool for self expression, confidence and learning about the world we live in. To be able to listen to the wonderful ideas the children come up with each week, watch them smile and laugh and develop in confidence is a dream job!


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