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The Seed that Grew with Love

The Story Behind the Story from the Author
The most commonly asked question on my social media account was “How did you explain your circumstances to your son?”
I began to tell retell the story that I told my son when he caught me totally off-guard one bedtime at the age of 4.
He had turned to me and simply asked “Why don’t I have a Dad?”.
Prior to starting school it hadn’t been so noticeable but when my son was questioned by a group of curious but unsympathetic kids in the playground, it hit him all at once.
I knew one day the time would come for me to explain, but I was conscious that I ensured he wasn’t left feeling unwanted, abandoned or confused.
At such a young age children are inquisitive but equally unable to process the emotional reasoning behind difficult circumstances, so as a Mother I felt an enormous pressure to get it right.
My go-to solution for helping a child with feelings was always to head to a book store or library, but in this case there wasn’t a book that would fit the criteria of my search. 
The Seed that Grew with Love is my version of our story. 
I used the representation of a seed that would often be grown by the love of two parents. However in this case I had decided that I had enough love to grow it on my own. 
I was conscious that my son would come away knowing that any confusion he may have felt was totally justified and that all families were different but that ours was special.
After sharing my story with other Mothers looking for an explanation to help support their own conversations, I decided it would be a lot simpler if I could direct them straight to a book.
The road to persuading publishers and agents that this book is needed as been a long and disheartening one but like with all hurdles in my life, this Independent Mother doesn’t give up.
Having secured an illustrator, December 2020 will be the start of this books new journey to publication.

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