Firstly, let me welcome you to Independent Mother events.

My idea behind the events is that alongside bringing Mothers with similar situations together, I also want to give Mother run small businesses a chance to showcase and promote their businesses.

Depending on your business or the service you provide you will be offered different ways in which you can promote what you do.

We will have a number of tables available at each event where businesses with physical products can be displayed.

If you provide a service, for example beauty treatments, you will have a separate area where you can present demos and explain what you do.

Alternatively, if you are unable to use these two methods and would prefer to speak about what you do, we will attempt to schedule you into one of our speaker slots that match the particular theme of the event.

For example, if you are a parenting coach, you would speak in relation to the topic of discussion at an event where the focal point is parenting.

As this project is still in its infancy I want to provide as much as I can for free.

All that is required is the purchase of a standard ticket (normally £6-10) and to promote the event on your social media.

If you are unable to pay the ticket cost, I will do what I can to accommodate you as no one should miss out because of financial circumstances.

There is a huge gap in the market for Women-run business and more and more Mothers are deciding to start working from home to ensure they can be a full-time Mum and offset childcare costs. Given this I believe women should be supporting each other to achieve success.

So let’s work together to build each other up and make Independent Mother events a thriving tribe of women!

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