We are so much more than the suppressive term of ‘Single Mother’, and as such we prefer to replace the stigmatised term with Independent Mother.

We are an expanding band of Mothers that is developing in power to smash through false perceptions.

The community of Independent Mothers is a strong and supportive tribe of Women who have come from such varied circumstances to find ourselves in the predicament of raising our children single-handedly.

Whether we are co-parenting, a solo mother by choice or identify using another term, we all have a connection that only women who have lived this experience can relate to.

My name is Zoë, but many of you will know me by my Instagram handle not.single.a.single.mother.

I am a solo mother by choice of a 6yr old in my mid 30’s with a background in business, finance and technology.

As the handle suggests I have my own story behind being in this role, which ultimately doesn’t define me.

I began my Instagram account less than a year before setting up this new venture. Initially it was about finding out if there were other Mothers in my situation who also felt passionately about changing the stigmatised view of Single Mothers and mental health and if any favoured the term Independent Mother.

I began creating posts that reflected my opinions and told my story in a mini blog style format which became an outlet for myself and surprisingly a support for others.

This humbling and insightful experience has lead me to want to be a part of making a change more than ever.

After connecting with so many inspiring mothers with such varied stories and situations I naively realised there was a whole community of Mothers that were so much more than meets the eye. However, many of whom felt just as disconnected and isolated in their role as I did.

As my following has grown I’ve been lucky enough to virtually meet people and spend a lot of time having DM chats about various topics. I wanted a chance to bring you all together so that everyone could interact with each other and see just how connected and inspiring you all were.

I know most of my followers are hundreds and thousands of miles from London but we all have to start somewhere!

I was lucky to be able to secure a venue thanks to the support of the events owner of Xclusive Touch who believed in my vision.

All events will be hosted at DUO London

Having struggled myself with socialising given my childcare commitments as a single parent without a support network I was used to self-isolating for fear that no one could relate.

I found mother groups too cliquey, always felt misjudged, not to mention feeling like I stuck out in the school playground. I just couldn’t find my place, so settled with that.

When I started my own business I was quickly overwhelmed by the social media influence you need to have on your side in order to succeed, rejection after rejection made me rethink my strategy.

Now with these events I hope to be able to bring out all the Independent Mothers who lacked the same confidence and backing as me and instead create a platform for them to feel empowered whether it be in friendship or business.

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