Who are Independent Mothers?


[in-di-pen-duh nt]

  • Free from outside control
  • Not subject to another’s authority
  • Self-sufficient, self-supporting, self-reliant, free.

What we do -

  • Support and Empower
  • Connecting Online and in-person
  • Events, social media, publications, podcasts
  • Training and mentoring programmes

Independent Mother Events

  • Find your tribe
  • Listen to speakers that you can relate to
  • Be empowered by women in your position
  • Get an unfiltered, open and honest experience
  • Come away feeling proud and connected

Independent Mother Podcast

New series coming in 2021


Employment and Support programmes

  • Delivering unique strategies
  • Training through a 4 Step holistic approach
  • From foundations to longevity
  • Rebuilding a sense of self
  • Tailored support throughout

Latest News

  • Childrens Book set for release 2021
  • New Podcast series starting in 2021
  • Latest blog post

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